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What happens when bad children happen to good parents? Does it mean they are not Cheap Weston Richburg Jersey , in fact, as good as they had imagined themselves to be? With these questions, British director Lynne Ramsay has created a nihilist tale of guilt and horror. Working with co-writer Rory Kinnear, she has adapted Lionel Shriver鈥檚 prizewinning 2003 novel 鈥?whose much-spoofed title is now part of the language 鈥?about a woman whose teenage son Kevin has committed a Columbine-style massacre.

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This adaptation raises a subject which has eluded other films on the same subject, such as Gus Van Sant鈥檚 Elephant or indeed Michael Moore鈥檚 documentary Bowling for Columbine: the subject of the aftermath. Kevin cannot be tried as an adult. So who, in the end, will wind up getting the blame for a teenage boy鈥檚 psychopathic rampage? Why Cheap Jason Pierre-Paul Jersey , the mother of course, like the Blessed Virgin absorbing reflected adoration of the crucified Christ.

Tilda Swinton plays Eva, a former free spirit and city-dweller who has found herself having to move to the suburbs because of her husband Franklin (John C Reilly) and his breezy insistence that the city is no place to bring up children. They have two: obnoxious smartmouth Kevin (Ezra Miller) and sweet younger sister Celia (Ashley Gerasimovich). Her success as a travel writer originally meant they could afford a handsome family home, but we join the story as Eva, her life in ruins, is living on her own in a scuzzy bungalow, a pill-popping drinker. Kevin鈥檚 grotesque crime means her car and porch are always vandalised and she cannot leave the house without being screamed at or assaulted. She must spend the rest of her life trying Cheap Eli Manning Jersey , vainly, to make up for a crime for which she is not responsible and which she does not understand. She is simultaneously at the centre of this event and at its margins.

So Eva takes stock of her life and tries to find out if there was one key, terrible misjudgment or failing of hers as a mother, which set her son off on the road to murder. Swinton portrays Eva as a ghost, haunting her past and haunted by it. She is gaunt, hollow-eyed, stunned: her eyes are almost blind Cheap Landon Collins Jersey , as if she can see only memories. And perhaps it is not that she created Kevin, but that Kevin created her. Eva鈥檚 only identity is now that of someone who gave birth to horror. When Kevin鈥檚 parents break off arguing one night to tell him, patronisingly, that he might not understand the 鈥渃ontext鈥?to their quarrel, he sneers: 鈥淚 am the context.鈥?p>

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From the first, it is clear that this is the worst case of post-natal depression in history, and perhaps the violent d茅nouement is its ultimate symptom. From the first Cheap Odell Beckham Jr Jersey , Eva doesn鈥檛 like her baby and her baby doesn鈥檛 like her. She can鈥檛 stop him crying and, in the extremes of desperation and sleeplessness, coos at him satirically: 鈥淢ommy was happy before Kevin came along.鈥?Ramsay鈥檚 film amplifies a central, emotionally incorrect theme: motherhood itself is a ritual in which the adult consents to gradual parasitic destruction. Maybe it鈥檚 movies like this and Rosemary鈥檚 Baby that are voicing forbidden fears, or even truths, about being a parent.

Kevin only pops up as an odd, distant Cheap Lawrence Taylor Jersey , and cruel boy in the earlier timeline (big props to Jasper Neuell and Rock Dauer, whose portrayals of the younger Kevin fit in perfectly with Miller鈥檚) and it doesn鈥檛 take us long to realize the whole thing is building to some explosive act of violence on Kevin鈥檚 part. This incident serves as the transition from one time period to the other, yet, even with the threat of the crime looming over the narrative, the movie wisely avoids horror-movie territory and shies away from bloodshed. Instead, it is a masterful exercise in suspense and implication that benefits, first and foremost Wholesale New York Giants Hats , from the fact that it refuses to train its gaze permanently on Kevin and keeps its focus on the people who observe (or ignore) his actions.

As Eva, Swinton gives a painfully raw performance; she inhabits Eva鈥檚 desperation and helplessness without succumbing to hamminess, and so much of the character is conveyed in what she does not say than what she does, since We Need to Talk About Kevin is really a movie about silence. Eva looks like she鈥檚 constantly about to scream out some kind of warning to the heavens, and Swinton admirably conveys the shaky resolve of a woman who is constantly clinging to the fast-fading hope that she might be wrong.

The movie does, in its earlier moments, succumb to an odd bout of art-house pretentiousness that threatens to derail the enterprise in a wave of moody Wholesale New York Giants Hoodies , experimental mush. But Ramsay finds her way quickly, navigating the quick cuts and time jumps in her and Rory Kinnear鈥檚 screenplay with a deft skill and an eye for building up suspense. Despite the movie鈥檚 somewhat foregone conclusion, she never lets the audience lose the slightest bit of hope that everything will turn out OK.

As Kevin grows to infanthood, he resents his baby sister and is diabolically intent on upsetting and disconcerting the once confident, successful Eva. He appears deliberately slow to speak and, particularly, to potty train. On this point he succeeds in goading Eva beyond endurance and then Wholesale New York Giants Shirts , with satanic cunning, securing her guilty submission by covering up Eva鈥檚 violent overreaction. Finally he becomes a teenager and Ezra Miller is a compellingly sensual nemesis, coolly set on the anti-Oedipal plan of befriending his dad and destroying his mom.

Plenty of kids act up. Did Eva go wrong? Was it with bedtime stories about Robin Hood that encouraged his interest in archery? Or in dangerously teasing Kevin about being obviously impressed with the big photo of her in the bookstore window? Or did he just generally inhale her miasma of resentment, her own physiological disenchantment with motherhood itself?

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