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Since the soil in their natural condition does not always provide adequate nutrient support to the plants Authentic Chelsea Jerseys , fertilizers are used to provide artificial support. NPK fertilizers are a common form of fertilizers where the basic components are Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.
There are numerous fertilizers available in the market to support sustained plant growth, however, to make it easier the fertilizers are commonly segregated as macro nutrients and micro nutrients. The Macro nutrient group is again divided into Primary and Secondary nutrients. This division is based on the basic necessity and popular requirement of plants. The three primary nutrients which are mostly required by plants to acquire optimum nutrient conditions for growth a Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, which together forms NPK fertilizers.
Composition of NPK
However, NPK is a particular type of combination of nutrients to formulate different fertilizers. Every fertilizer has different composition ratio of the nutrients. Fertilizers are essentially labeled with the mention of this nutrient ratio of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium that is N: P: K. Typically 1:1:1 ratio is considered ideal for all types of plants. However, this ratio essentially differs to 15:30:15 when it comes to gardening or plantation of flowering plants.
Benefits of Nitrogen
• It is an essential nutrient component of Chlorophyll.
• Helps in ready and sustained growth of plant stems, foliage, branches etc.
• Since plants essentially drain the soil from nitrogen by absorbing high quantity, the soil becomes low with nitrogen content. The plant leaves tend to turn yellow with nitrogen deficiency. In such circumstances nitrogen in NPK fertilizers becomes an essential requirement.
Benefits of Potassium
• Potassium in NPK fertilizers is known to enhance the resistive strength of plants to endure rough climatic conditions like drought, extremes of temperature, etc.
• It is a necessary component in soil that helps the plant in budding, ripening of fruits and growth of roots.
• It also promotes the disease controlling power of plants.
• Since Potassium is considerably extracted from the soil by growing plants to meet their needs, it should necessary be supplied with NPK supplements from time to time to avoid deficiency.
Benefits of Phosphorus
• Phosphorus is an integral requirement for the nourishment of plants and their prosperous vegetation when it comes to flowering, seeds and roots.
• Your soil pH level must range from 5.5 to 7 so as to offer optimum quantity of phosphorus to plants.
• Since this component remains in soil unlike nitrogen, you can add it accordingly to support growth in the beginning of the vegetation phase.
• Carrots, turnips, etc root vegetations are dependent on adequate sources of phosphorus which NPK fertilizers provide them.
Therefore, since the composition ratio of NPK changes from fertilizer to fertilizer. Therefore, you need to check the soil composition first and also your plants requirements to choose the right NPK fertilizers.

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