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There used to be a time that a one piece swimsuit would be a seasonal item that would bring to mind the beginning of summer days.

This is no longer the case. With the ability to take more affordable holidays down South , living in complexes with indoor pools and just the increased availability of public pools it means having classy swimwear as part of the year round wardrobe.

With all the choices of being able to enjoy the sport of swimming it also means making some wise choices in the type of swimming attire that you are going to choose. Your choice should be primarily for the purpose that the swimsuit will be worn for most.

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Ease of movement
There is not only a lot of movement when swimming but a variety of movements as well. So you are going to want any of the swimsuits that will allow you good movement. This is where the material of the swimsuit will be important to you. Although most swimwear is designed with materials that allow for stretch you may want to choose a swimsuit that contains a higher quantity of Lycra as it really allows for smooth movement.

Proper straps
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Proper length
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Although there are lots of great benefits to wearing the one piece swimwear for those that enjoy swimming that doesn t mean that two piece or bikinis can t be worn for the same activity. In addition to this just because it s a one piece swimsuit that you are opting for it doesn t mean that it can t be alluring and bring out your best features. It all hinges on making the right choice.

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